Overtime and Meal & Rest Break Laws for Nurses for your State

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs labor and employment law on a national level. While some states have enacted specific statutes with regard to overtime and breaks, many have deferred to the FLSA to provide guidelines and rules for nurses and those in the nursing industry.

FLSA overtime laws for nurses only require overtime pay if a nurse works longer than 40 hours in one workweek- which is calculated at one and one-half times the nurse’s regular pay rate. Many states have supplemented the overtime pay requirements.

The FLSA currently does not provide for mandatory lunch and rest breaks for nurses regardless of the nature of the work or the length of the shift. The only mandate in the FLSA with respect to rest breaks is that if an employer opts to provide breaks for nurses (which he or she is not obligated to do) the break must be compensable and considered part of the work day. Many states statutorily require employers to provide breaks to their employees, including nurses. Other states simply defer to the FLSA which hardly addresses the issue.

For further detailed information about the various state approaches to overtime and rest breaks and meal breaks, view your state's overtime and meal & rest break laws as they apply to nurses.

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