Nurse Lunch and Rest Break Class Action

In many states, nurses are entitled to a reasonable paid rest break meal period that may be paid or unpaid. Many nursing shifts last much longer than the typical 8-hour shifts common in other industries. Nurses are faced with grueling hours and often unpleasant working environments and should be entitled to as much personal time as possible. These sentiments are felt across the nursing community nationwide as many nurses and those in support of nurses have banded together to form various class actions demanding stronger employment rights and more rest times.

A class action is formed anytime a group of plaintiffs have suffered similar or identical harms at the hands of the same defendant under the same factual scenarios. In other words, the verdict of the class action is likely to redress the grievances of the entire party as a whole. Under most state civil procedure laws, a judge must certify a group of plaintiffs as a class before the group can continue on its legal path toward recovery. Class actions are typically represented by one attorney or one group of attorneys who advocate for the class as a whole. One plaintiff is singled out to present his or her factual situation, which is thought to represent that of the entire class. If a verdict is awarded in favor of the plaintiff class, the recovery amount is split between each plaintiff.

Disgruntled nurses across the nation have joined forces to form class actions challenging certain sections of their state labor codes, specifically provisions relating to rest and meal breaks. Class actions have been filed against certain hospitals and medical facilities claiming superiors failed to provide hardworking nurses with the meal breaks and rest breaks they are entitled to.

Class actions are likely to abound across the nation as more and more nurses realize their rights to rest and meal breaks. As research strongly correlates lack of mental and physical breaks with nursing oversight and error, it is more important than ever to ensure that patient care is at a premium and nurses are receiving the care they deserve while on duty.

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